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Funka is the market leader in accessibility in Sweden.

We analyze, develop and educate in accessibility. We provide support, recommendations and testing. Through our work in W3C and the EU we are contributing to setting standards. We are in the reference and working groups at national and international level. We have 80% of the Swedish public sector authorities as customers. We do say that we can take any interface and make it accessible...

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Funka continues to expand eastwards

Funka keeps getting more assignments from Åland and Finland. Susanna Laurin, CEO of Funka, has been invited to speak at the FCG Finnish Consulting Group ICT Forum 2015 on February 12th.
More assignments for Funka from Åland and Finland
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Funka develops accessibility methodology for the European Commission

The EC has chosen Funka to develop a European methodology for measuring web accessibility for the future web accessibility Directive. The assignment is lead by Funka and performed together with Empirica, the European Disability Forum, W3C and COWI.
Methodology for measuring web accessibility in Europe
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Funka Accessibility Days

This year we’re proud to welcome some of the most exciting speakers in the ICT-industry; Peter Lundblad, Lyza Gardner, David Berman, Stephanie Rieger, Heydon Pickering, Dr Jonathan Hassell and David McDonald.

Preliminary program for Funka Accessibility Days 2015
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Funka develops web app for inventory

With funding that’s given to creative companies to develop the future Internet through CreatiFi, Funka will develop a prototype of a web app for self-inventory for accessibility in the built environment.
Self- inventory – Now in a web app
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Sweden has a new law on discrimination

Lack of accessibility is now forbidden in law in Sweden. This is the time for all users to start complaining on lousy systems! Together we can make a difference.
Unaccessible – but someone has to complain
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Funka and the Swedish Disability Federation in cooperation

Funka’s Stefan Johansson will participate in an ISO meeting in Copenhagen at the end of January on behalf of the Swedish Disability Federation. Together we push the agenda on the need for standardisation in cognitive accessibility.
Funka and the Swedish Disability Federation cooperate in standardisation process
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Meet us at ATIA, Orlando, USA

The last week of January, many experts in the field of accessibility meet at the ATIA conference. Funka will be there as well, to present, meet colleagues and network.
Funka makes five presentations at ATIA 2015
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Are you breaking the law?

Funka’s Torbjørn Helland Solhaug compares the reactions to two quite different Norwegian laws: The law banning smoking in restaurants, and the Discrimination and Accessibility Act.
Chronicle by Torbjørn Helland Solhaug

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José Angel Martínez Usero
Responsible for International Affairs

Direct: +34 915 313 077
Mobile: +34 696 721 444

Funka Nu AB

Calle Alvarez Gato, 9, 3C
28012 Madrid

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